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Dear Property Owner,

Thank you for your interest in Dubrick Property Management Ltd. We strive to give you the most professional service available today. Our number one commitment is to be the best when it comes to your investment. As with any successful business we are dedicated to earning your trust and respect. We intend to earn that endorsement from you while relieving you of the burden of managing your rental properties.

We are a full service Property Management Company. It does not matter whether you are across town or across the world, you can feel confident that we will manage your property as if you were living right next door.

All tenants are carefully and thoroughly screened. We use lease agreements that are formulated and detailed to cover every aspect of the tenancy.

Maintenance issues on your property will be referred to our maintenance specialists chosen for their efficient, reliable service coupled with competitive rates. Our large management portfolio allows for bulk purchasing power resulting in direct savings to you, the client.

Our cumulative monthly and year end reports will delight both you and your accountant with the information needed for your income tax preparation.

Please request a complete proposal by clicking on the link to the right of this page if you are interested in a complete explanation of our services, fees, and copies of our Property Management Agreement.

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Norman W. Machel

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