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Property Maintenance To Keep Your Rentals In Top-Notch Condition

Dubrick Property Management Ltd. in Kitchener, Ontario, provides full-service property management, including rent collection, property maintenance, and more. Our services are available for residential and commercial properties.

Property Evaluation

Prior to putting units on the market, we assess the condition, make recommendations for improvements, and obtain quotes to ready the property. We research market conditions on an ongoing basis to ensure you are charging the maximum rates and have zero vacancies.

Vacancy Marketing

If you have a vacancy, we aggressively and creatively market it in the best light to find a suitable tenant. We use our internal listing system at our offices and advertise in local newspapers and other online platforms.

Tenant Screening

All potential tenants are carefully screened through credit, employment, and previous landlord checks. Each tenant must complete a legal lease offer and meet income, rental and ownership history, and credit requirements. This ensures you get the best tenants, so you can maximize your income and decrease costs.

Family, Estimators, & Handshaking

House & Tenants

Rent Collection

Don't waste your time collecting rent from all your tenants. Our company has firm collection policies and swift follow-up of arrears to decrease costs to you.

Accounting Services

Our computerized systems itemize all your income expenses giving you timely information through two monthly reports. An accounts receivable transaction summary gives you tenant names, monthly rents, amounts paid, and any arrears owed. The statement of receipts and payments with G/L detail provides a summary of all receipts and payments by expense category and gives you a net surplus or deficit cash balance in the trust bank account.

Property Maintenance

Keep your tenants happy and maintain curb appeal with our contractors. With emergency services and regular inspections available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we keep your costs down and your evenings undisturbed. We offer reasonable maintenance prices due to our large portfolios and bulk purchasing power. We assess any damages to the property and consult with insurance adjusters and tenants as needed. Large scale projects are discussed with you prior to starting.

Mortgage Payments

We can make your mortgage payments for you, giving you one less thing to do. Supply us with the necessary mortgage payment accounts from your mortgage company, and these payments are deducted from your account balance on a monthly basis.